Blessings in disguise: the flood of 2018

It’s been a heck of a week. On Wednesday, February 21, the Elkhart River started overflowing its banks. By 1:00 am Thursday morning it had crested at the highest level ever recorded and the edge of the river was touching my patio, about 50 feet from the normal riverbank. This meant that my basement flooded, but with pumping, we kept the level to around 2.5 feet in depth. I lost some items, but with the help of my daughter and son-in-law, a lot of things were saved.
The event is a blessing in disguise because it has forced the issue for me of clearing out a lot of the artifacts of my old life and allowing me to move more easily into a new one.

For years, even before my dear wife Michele died, I have been aware that we were somewhat trapped by our possessions. This event has made it necessary, and somewhat easier, to release those things to others, to the dump, to children, etc. I need the room and the freedom this has precipitated.

This week, a dumpster will arrive at the house and the beginnings of the great purge will begin. I think it will be a little difficult for me at times, but generally, I’m ready for it.