In Minneapolis, 2017


Michele L. Morgan-Dufour




I'm a man who has had more different careers than is probably healthy for a human being, but at 64 years old I'm glad I've had them.  I'm currently the Executive Director of Elkhart Civic Theatre in Northern Indiana, and I fancy myself a photographer and world traveler.  

In May of 2015, I lost the love of my life, Michele.  She was a strong center of gravity for our family, a force of nature, brilliant and funny.  Her battle with cancer was very brief from start to end.  I miss her very much.  

This website is as much therapy as it is a way to present my thoughts and pictures in a way that is more attractive than Facebook.  There's a blog here, a nascent podcast, a link to the theatre podcast that has been going for about five years, some miscellaneous stuff.   Hope you like it.