Dialing Facebook Down


Life is much less stressful since I’ve stopped following about ninety percent of my Facebook friends. The political acrimony has gotten so bad on that platform that it has ceased to be an interesting place. I stopped posting my own political opinions several months ago because even the mildest of opinions brought a herd of demanding, antagonistic, name-callers from the left. 

I’m also somewhat perplexed that a) so many people have so much time for venom, and b) I don't miss it much at all.  

Privacy issues aside, Facebook can be a colossal waste of time. Keeping up with all the kitty pictures, political diatribe, relationship statuses and pray-for-me posts takes time.  Lots of it.  And there's no actual reward for doing so.  No arguments are won, no prayers are answered, and knowing minute details about online friends has very little value.  Certainly not as much as spending actual physical time with them -- like, in the same room.  The online world can be wonderful, but it's not where your friends REALLY are.