No, this isn’t the show you’re looking for.

So, I was sitting on the toilet in a stall at IUSB this morning, when a herd of little boys comes in and they start using the toilets. flushing repeatedly, playing with the water in the sinks, leaving them running, screwing up the towel dispenser, etc. They're kids from South Bend Schools there to see the Children's Theatre show (incidentally named for my late wife Michele), but there's not a responsible male in sight.

Pretty soon, one of them yanks open the door to my stall, I yell, and he shuts it quick. The kids start peeking in at me between the spaces in the door. Nice. Then one of them starts banging on my door like he's trying to get me to hurry up. Sheesh. The female teachers had just sent the kids on in without anyone to maintain order.

Eventually I came out and told Demarée and Neil King (Michele's successor) about it and we had a good laugh, but I think they were going to try to prevent this for subsequent days of the children's theatre. 

Talk about your sneaker peekers.