Paris 2015


In December of 2015 I took my second trip to Paris. My first was in 2000, and was only a weekend hop from Germany where I was working with a client.  This visit had a tremendous impact on me.  What they say about Paris is all true, its beauty, its atmosphere, and its people -- scratch that.  What a lot of people say about the French, that they are snooty and abrupt with foreigners, is not true.  I found most of the French in Paris to be warm, helpful and a joy to be around.  

Anytime is great for a trip to this city, but December is kind of special because the city, particularly, the Champs Elysée, is decked out for Christmas.  It's not too cold, although it can be a bit rainy, so the weather is conducive to walking, which is generally the best way to see the city.  Bring good shoes and take your time.  

Words don't describe Paris very well.  Perhaps some of these pictures will.  Some of these photos probably qualify as tourist shots.  Others are attempts to practice street photography and capture more interesting, arresting images.