I've been to Paris three times.  The first time was just for a short weekend, but the following two, beginning 14 years after the first visit were each a week long.  My approach to travel, and particularly travel in Paris, is to walk around, soak in the sites, and actually LIVE the city.  I'm not big on the tourist attractions, although art museums are always good, and I prefer to try to blend in.  Paris is a great city for walking, because the old part of the city is fairly compact, and it's really beautiful.  Hanging out near the fountain of St. Michel, sipping an espresso in a sidewalk cafe, or going up the hill to the Sacre Coeur, I love walking around, taking lots of pictures and becoming French for a while.  Paris also helped me discover street photography.  It's an art, really, but it's also relaxation, and it's a unique way of "seeing" Paris, or any city, for that matter.  Here are some of my pictures.