New tech to play with at the Bristol Opera House.

Sort of. No, it's not this website, or shiny new lights, or a retractable roof, but it's still cool, if a bit daunting.  Karen and I have been working on another improvement to the theatre's web presence (spearheaded by my daughter Demarée Dufour-Noneman last year).  This time it's a new ticketing system that will give Elkhart Civic Theatre a lot more marketing capability and user convenience than we've had for a while.  It will roll out over the next couple of months and won't really affect this season's sales much, and the public won't really see it until sometime in August, but we're excited.  The system has a number of marketing bells and whistles that will allow us eventually to sell season tickets online, remind patrons they have tickets for an upcoming show, and a lot more.  I know this isn't the typical post for a personal blog but I do think it's cool news and will benefit the theatre greatly.  

Starting Anew

This is a brand-new fresh personal website for my pictures, comments, rants, etc.  But largely for my pictures.  It's on SquareSpace, which is different, but I like the way the site work and looks.  I'm not really doing any major programming or web development anymore, and frankly I wanted to get away from it.  WordPress is great, but still feels like work.  This one doesn't as much.  I could be wrong about that, but I'm here for a year, at least.  This particular theme is recommended for online portfolios, and I think it looks good. so far.   

The old blog is here.  I jumped to SquareSpace because I like the way it works but importing the old WordPress blog is more difficult than just starting over.  Yeah, I can import it, but there were too many things to fix in order for it to look right here, and it comprises content going back to 2000 apparently. Hard to believe.